Traffic Cone Pedestrian Barriers

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Traffic Cone Pedestrian Barriers

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The Problem

Traffic or road cones as they are often called are designed for doing exactly what their name implies, guiding traffic, they are placed on roads to temporarily redirect traffic in a safe manner. Cones are lightweight, low cost, easy to stack and transport so gradually the uses they are put to have spread. It is now common for cones to be used as pedestrian barriers, often as a cordon around a work area or as a barrier to close entry to a location. The problem is that, convenient as cones are to use, they are not good at restricting pedestrian access. The issue of course is that unlike other forms of barrier you can simply walk between cones.

It is probably the ability to stack cones above all else that makes them such a popular choice for pedestrian barriers. You can store more cones in a small space than any other form of barrier and that make them ideal for use on vehicles. It is that utility that keeps cones popular as a barrier system which in turn has lead to the search for a means of making them better at restricting access.

There are several aftermarket accessories designed to turn a line of cones into a single physical barrier. The simplest is polyethylene ‘police’ tape but this is messy and flimsy. There are various types of bar or beam designed for use with cones, but these are awkward to store especially on vehicles. The ultimate solution to the ‘cone to barricade’ problem was the conversion of retracting belt technology used in queuing stanchions for use on traffic cones.

The ConePro Solution

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Queue Solutions developed the ConePro 500 barrier specifically to solve the problem of making traffic cones an effective pedestrian barrier. Using the belt retraction mechanism from our QueuePro range of queueing stanchions we designed a small, lightweight housing with a cone shaped recess that will fit on most common cones. 4” wide, 9” long and weighing only 1lb the ConePro has up to 12’ feet of belt giving this product the best barrier length to storage space size ratio of any barrier product on the market.

The experience gained with the ConePro 500 taught us that for large cordons there was a need for longer belt lengths. The longer the belt the fewer cones required saving on set up time, storage space and purchase cost. In response to this demand we developed the ConePro 600 model which features belt lengths from 15’ all the way to 40’. Only slightly larger than the 500 model and weighing in at only 2.2lbs the ConePro 600 provides the longest barrier length available.


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The ConePro has three receiver splines plus the outgoing belt giving four-way connectivity so a cone barrier can be set up in any shape, square, U, zig-zag etc. The unit just slips onto of the cone so set up is fast. The belt end can be locked in place on the receiving cone to avoid accidental belt release and the retraction mechanism is fitted with a brake for slow, safe belt retraction.

The belt is a 0.56mm heavy duty woven nylon which won’t fray even with constant exposure to windy conditions. Our full range of 30 belt colors and 25 preprinted safety messages are available on the ConePro.

Traffic Cones

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We recommend using weighted cones for the ConePro, 10lbs for the 500 model and 15lbs for the 600 model. We offer 28” 10lb cones from stock with reflective or non reflective options. We also carry 7lb cone weight for use with the ConePro600.


ConePro is the best option on the market for turning a line of cones into a physical barrier. The length of barrier achieved for the storage space required makes ConePro the perfect match for the compact stacking traffic cone. Tough and lightweight with high visibility belt options makes ConePro matched with traffic cones an ideal solution for outdoor portable pedestrian barriers.

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