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Dedication To Excellence

Stanchions and stanchion accessories are one of our main product ranges. Produced to the highest industry standards in our factories, our products truly exceed customers expectations for quality and reliability. Offering the widest range of standard and specialty customizing options in the industry we are able to deliver a product that fits your needs perfectly. Visit our home page for more useful info on the sorts of products we offer.

Crowd Control For Events

Helping Brands Create Memorable Experiences.

Economy Line

Our basic and reliable post, perfect for those who a budget conscious but are still looking for a great product. Easy to set up and store these economy posts can help you create an effective customer queue without breaking the bank.

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Premium Stanchions

This premium line of crowd control posts features a cast iron base and superior materials. Providing an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a wide array of customizing options. Available in triple-belt configurations.

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Out-Door Safety

Designed to be the perfect stanchion for use in work sites and warehouses, this lines bright safety colors help to keep people advised of potential dangers or hazards. Available with a wide array of safety belt messages and custom messages.

See Full Range safety yellow stantions

Protect Your Showrooms & Galleries with Mini Stanchions.

Ideal for protecting high-value show pieces, these short stanchions (QueuePro Mini) are designed to create a barrier without obstructing the view.

car showroom retractable belt barriers
plastic stanchions

Specialty Retractable Belt Barriers

Looking for something unique that will catch the eye of onlookers and passerby's? We have you covered with specialty retractable belt barriers such as our clear post of the QueuePro Clear series of stanchions which can be easily filled with anything you can imagine. Couple that with our custom belt printing and other customizing options and you can really get your visitors talking about your brand.

Roller Bases For Easy Movement

Our line of retractable belt barriers are designed with ease of use in mind. Our RollerPro series of belt barriers features a single wide roller at the back of the base for easy movement. Moving and repositioning the RollerPro is as simple as tilting and pushing. Our unique roller design glides smoothly on most indoor surfaces allowing you to re-arrange your waiting line queue at a moments notice or move your posts into storage quickly and easily. Retractable belt stanchions are heavy, and the RollerPro is no exception as we did not sacrifice any weight in order to add the rolling mechanism. You can enjoy the same great stability and form-factor as our Pro series of belt barriers with the added benefit of high mobility on demand.

retractable belt stanchions
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printed panels for retractable belt barriers

Advertising Opportunity With Post Panels

Post panels can be an effective medium to get important messages across to your patrons. With the ability to easily swap printed posters in an out depending on need, the Post Panel system can be an effective way to communicate special offers or sales to your customers. We also offer frosted and clear panels for when you need a more solid division between the belt barriers in your queue. We also offer extra high panels and solid color panels. Couple our post panels with custom printed belts and custom stanchions to create a unique and memorable checkout line sure to impress your visitors.

Turn Your Waiting Lines Into Profit Generating Areas

Don't miss out on the chance to turn your queue into a high profit impulse sales area. With out specially engineered Queue Merchandising range of products we can help you boost profits and increase sales efficiency and customer satisfaction

store stanchions for merchandizing

Crowd Control For Business

Increase Sales & Satisfaction!

Customers are in your store for one reason and one reason only, to get what they need and get out and be on with the rest of their day. People hate waiting in long lines, but sometimes it happens. The key is perception, you want your customers to not notice how long they are waiting. How do you do this you say? by giving them something to engage with.

Build Brand Recongnition With Xtra Wide Belts

Brand recognition is one of the most difficult things to build up in today's business environment. Why not turn your waiting lines into a unique and memorable branding opportunity? We created our 3" Xtra wide belt models specifically for the purpose of increasing the visibility of printed messages, allowing you to get your message across sooner and clearer than ever before. It doesn't matter if your message is a brand or a safety message, the Xtra series of belts is suitable for most applications where a traditional 2" belt is used. When combined with other customizing options the Xtra belt can be used to create a truly standout waiting lines which are sure to be memorable to your guests or visitors.

extra wide belts

Dye Sublimation Belt Printing

When choosing a stanchion that perfectly reflects your brand and image it could be immensly helpful to get a belt custom printed to match your other literature and signage. Our heavy duty belt material is both durable enough to stand up to the extreme heat required for dye sublimation printing and robust enough to provide a great looking print once complete. The possibilities with this method of belt printing are truly endless, allowing you to have unlimited creative freedom when choosing what to print on your retractable belts. With a full-color range, you can achieve photo quality prints on the belts, ranging from actual photographs to graphic designs reflecting your companies culture and brand image. Our in-house printing team always provides proofs and mock-ups of the final end result to be printed for your approval, so you know exactly what you're getting when you place your order. We always strive to always exceed your expectations, should your circumstances require additional attention by our team please feel free to reach out to our customer service experts.

custom printed retractable belts for stanchions
custom printed retractable belts for stanchions

Custom Stanchion Wraps

With the option to wrap your stanchion you can open up totally new avenues for the customization of you belt barrier. Our wraps are fully digitally printed, resulting in a crisp and great looking post wrap that is sure to turn some heads. Our digital printing technology can achieve some remarkable results, giving you full-color vibrant prints which are seamlessly fitted to your stanchions.

Heavy Duty Crowd Control Barriers

If belt barriers are not permanent enough for your needs, consider looking into our range of crowd control barricades. Made from gallivanted steel and available with replaceable feet this barricade can stand up to harsh conditions with ease. If you are looking for a more attractive barrier, we offer barrier jackets which can be custom printed with your logo or anything you like, and several standard powder coating color options.

crowd control barrier
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Dedicated Support Team Waiting To Help!

Our dedicated support team is ready to help you find the perfect solution to your crowd control problems. Contact us anytime via phone during our business hours, or fill out the form below and a knowlegeable crowd control engineer will reach out to you promptly. We price ourselves on exceeding customer expectations and providing world class customer service, we are looking forward to hearing from you!
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Great resource of the definition of retractable belt posts plus other useful information.

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