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QueueMaster 550

A functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues.

QueueMaster 550 Xtra

50% wider belt for high visibility branding.

QueueMaster Twin 550

Twin belts to help keep children in line and prevent "line ducking".

QueueMaster Twin 550 Xtra

Twin extra wide belts for minimum line control and branding opportunity.

Finish Options

Five Stock Finishes

All QueueMaster models are available in Black, Polished Stainless and Satin Stainless finishes. The single belt models are also available from stock in Polished and Satin Brass. Each of these finishes can be matched with one of our 60 stock belt colors and messages.

Key Safety Features

Belt Brake & Belt Lock

QueueMaster is fitted with the key safety features of belt lock and slow retract braking system and provides a functional, low cost solution for forming customer queues.

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector as Standard

QueueMaster features a full circumference rubber floor protector giving maximum protection for 
expensive show room floors.

Fully Customizable

200+ Colors

Unlike other brands of economy barrier QueueMaster can be fully customized with one of our 200+ powder coat colors, 60+ belt color options and the belts can be custom printed with logos or messages.

High Visibility Prints

Xtra Wide Belts

QueueMaster’s Xtra models feature a 50% wider belt making a more 
visible barrier and giving much greater impact to printed logos and messages.

QueueMaster 550QueueMaster 550 XtraQueueMaster 550 TwinQueueMaster 550 Twin Xtra
Height : 40"Height : 40"Height : 40"Height : 40"
Weight : 20lbWeight : 20lbWeight : 21lbWeight : 21lb
Post OD : 2.5"Post OD : 2.5"Post OD : 2.5"Post OD : 2.5"
Base OD : 14"Base OD : 14"Base OD : 14"Base OD : 14"
Belt Width : 2"Belt Width : 3"Belt Width : 2"Belt Width : 3"
Belt Length : 11' / 13'Belt Length : 11'Belt Length : 11' / 13'Belt Length : 11'

Finish & Color Options


A metal plating, applied to the stanchion using the electroplating process. Chrome is the finish most people are familiar with, but nickel, copper and brass can also be plated. Dyes can be added to the process creating a patina like finish to replicate aged or antique metals.


Stanchions are colored using the powder coat process. Color is applied in powder form and then baked in a high temperature oven that makes the powder flow and form a skin on the stanchion that is tougher and more durable than paint. There are over 200 colors in the Queue Solutions range.

QueuePro Clear
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