Storage Carts

18 Post Capacity

Vertical Stanchion Cart

Low Lift For East Use

The Vertical Post Storage Cart has an 18 post capacity and is designed for effortless loading, movement, and storage of belt or rope barriers. The "low lift" design means barriers only have to be lifted 13" from the floor to be loaded.

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Horizontal Storage Cart

Small Footprint For Compact Storage

A range of compact carts which hold between 12 - 21 posts depending on model. Ideal for applications where floor space is limied. 

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Barricade Cart

Easy Loading

The Barricade Cart provides a safe, easy means of moving and storing 
up to 30 barricades at a time. Fabricated from heavy gauge steel this is a 
tough durable cart designed to withstand heavy use. Extending arms 
will carry 15 barricades on each side (12 recommended for easy use).

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Vertical Storage Cart12 Post Horizontal Storage Cart18 Post Horizontal Storage Cart21 Post Horizontal Storage CartBarricade Cart
Height (Empty) : 39"Capacity : 12 PostsCapacity : 18 PostsCapacity : 21 PostsLength : 77.5"
Height (Loaded) : 51"Height : 54"Height : 82"Height : 82"Width : 74"
Width : 32"Width : 31"Width : 33"Width : 33"Height : 54.75"
Length : 87"Depth : 31"Depth : 43"Depth : 43"Weight : 235 lbs
Weight : 125 lbsWeight : 154 lbsWeight : 175 lbsWeight : 175 lbs
Storage Carts
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