July 06 2017 0comment(s)

Types of Barricades

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Have you been shopping on Black Friday? or maybe you have been to a local concert or parade? well, odds are that you have run into a barricade at some point if you've hung out where large crowds gather. To the untrained eye, all of the barricades look the same, a metal frame with some metal bars forming the interior, a convenient roadblock for the would-be barrier hopper trying to get an autograph or get too close to a nearby attraction or event.


March 04 2017 0comment(s)

Stanchions = Prime Branding Realestate

Posted by admin In Stanchions

Put yourself in the shoes of a customer waiting in a potentially long line to reach their desired end goal, what would they be looking at? Well, the answer is anything and everything nearby, they will be looking at the stanchions, at the objects or landmarks around them, basically anything. Why not create a distinct attention grabbing custom printed belt which will surround everyone on the line?


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