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Stanchion Belt Printing Giveaway!

Follow Us on Social Media for a chance to win this awesome large format piece of art! Interact on all 3 for triple the chance to win!

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Dont forget the RT on twitter! Good Luck! Please note shipping is limited to the continental Unites States. […]

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Impulse Sales and Queue Merchandizing

Stanchions Equals Prime Branding Real Estate

A typical queuing stanchion has over 1 ½ square feet of belt area, multiply that by 10 as a typical number of stanchions in a queue (waiting line) system and you have 15 sq ft. This is prime advertising real estate because the customer queue is usually the most trafficked area of a venue, and more importantly it is an area where customers are idle. When idle people will seek stimulation and are more inclined to notice eye-catching print designs on the belts they are standing between.


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