Post Top Merchandizing
Slatwall Panel

Revenue Generating Customer Queues

The customer queue is the best impulse buy location in any retail store. Queuing customers are idle making them far more likely to interact with products than in any other location including the checkout. Our slatwall panel merchandizing system allows retailers to convert existing queue barriers into revenue generating merchandizing fixtures, turning a dead space into a profit center. Browsing in the queue keeps customers occupied making the wait seem shorter which improves the customer experience.

Merchandizing Panel System

Our Merchandizing Panel System is the only queue based slatwall system that does not require the purchase of new stanchions and works with any brand of belt barrier. The panel's design allows for fast, easy installation without the need to lift heavy panels above the posts. Multiple panels can be connected to create a run of any size. The panel will accept a wide range of slatwall accessories and the posts tops can be fitted with our Display Bowl for increased capacity.

Panel Attachment System

Our unique panel attachment collars allow any existing belt barrier to be fitted with slat wall panels. The collar's one piece design allows fast, simple set up and it's 4 way connectivity means panels can be attached in line and at right angles. Panels are attached at the bottom first so they do not have to be lifted above the post making installation easy for a single person.

Standard Slatwall Panel

Aluminum Slatwall panel housed in a steel frame with placement lugs to fit into post collars. 

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Extra Height Slatwall Panel

48" high Slatwall panel allows greater merchandizing space for the same foot print.

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How it works!

Every business wants to increase their sales and make their customer happy, this is a no-brainer that leads to long-term success. What if there was a way to cheaply and quickly boost the sales at your business location without needing to spend any additional money on advertising? The answer is to optimize your business to become a customer loyalty machine, this can be achieved with the clever application of queue merchandising techniques. 

Slatwall panels are critical to the merchandising of your waiting lines and can give a pretty nice boost in sales if deployed properly. Designed to accommodate various attachments our Slatwall panels are suitable for most product types. Not only will the panels increase your sales but also make your customers happy leading to repeat business and customer loyalty. 

Why are Slatwall panels so effective at increasing sales and boosting customer satisfaction? The answer is surprisingly simple. 

The key to understanding how this works is realizing that when people are idle it is in our instincts to occupy our minds. This normally means turning to our environment for stimulation. All we are doing here is setting up the conditions to take advantage of this natural urge. By placing our products around the customer while they are waiting on line we give them the options to interact with said products. When done properly this can increase sales of products in the queue by a significant margin. 

With Slatwall panels, you can squeeze just about anything into the waiting line. From larger objects which can fit on Slatwall shelves to smaller items that can be hung on a hook attachment. The possibilities for configuration and variety are truly limitless allowing you to custom tailor your waiting lines to perfectly suit your business needs. Regardless of the size of your business if you have people waiting you could be turning their idle time into profit time. 

Small Store

Functional merchandized queue with minimal footprint

"L" Shape

Mid size queue system with "L" footprint

Medium Configuration

Mid size queue system with square footprint

Large Configuration

High capacity fully merchandized queue, can be expanded to any size

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49" X 9"

Metal Shelf

49" X 12"

Large Metal Shelf

49" X 12"

Wire Shelf

49" X 12"

Large Wire Shelf


Slant Basket




Saddle Tray


Divided Tray


Display Bowl


Magazine Holder


Acrylic Pocket

Slatwall Hooks

Our easily fastened slatwall hooks can be used to quickly and cost effectively expand your product offerings within the waiting line. Perfectly suited for small to medium items this handy attachment can accommodate multiple units of the same product per hook. Easily combine our slatwall hangers with any of our slatwall accessories for retail store fixtures to create an optimally merchandised checkout line. 

Acrylic Slatwall Bins

The acrylic bin sometimes called an acrylic slatwall shelf can be used to store a number of items that are not suitable for handing on our hook attachments. Able to accommodate small to medium sized items with ease, and built from a sturdy transparent acrylic ensures the highest degree of reliability and usefulness from your retail fixtures. 

Metal Slatwall Shelves

Our metal shelving units can be easily attached and to out slat board panels. Easily configurable to fit the needs of your business, our store shelves can create a good amount of sales real estate. Easily combined with our other slat wall accessories  to create a grid wall or another other configuration to maximize the effectiveness of your waiting line monetization. 

Slatwall Baskets

Easily attaching just like our slatwall shelf brackets easily in the wall slats, these baskets provide a convenient storage solution for your medium sized products. Made of sturdy metal these shelves can be easily configured as part of your overall merchandising setup. 
Post CollarStandard Merchandizing PanelExtra Height Merchandizing Panel
Diameter: 2" / 2.5"Height : 36"Height : 48"
WIdth : 49"WIdth : 49"
Weight: 32lbWeight: 41lb
Post Top Merchandizing
Slatwall Panel
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