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Post Panels

Forms A Solid Barrier

Panels provide a solid barrier between runs in a queuing corral. They can also be used to delineate the outside of a queue area or to define a specific space such as an outdoor dining or security area. Our Panel system can be quickly fitted to most brands of queuing stanchion and provide a large display area for printed logos or messages.

  • Retro fit to most brands of queuing stanchion
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Wide range of panel insert materials and colors
  • Fast change of panel inserts

Standard & Extra Wide Panels

Queueing & Screening Applications

Standard Panels

48" x 34"

The acrylic panel is housed in a steel frame with placement lugs that fit into attachment collars.

Extra Wide Panel

72" x 34"

The 6’ (1.83m) length of this panel reduces the number of panels and stanchions needed for a given length of barrier.

Simple Assembly

No Heavy Lifting

Post Collar

Provides the attachment points for the panel. The one piece hinged design makes attaching to the barrier post simple and fast using an allen key (provided). Available in 2' and 2.5' diameters, the post collars fit most brands of belt barrier. 4 way connectivity allows panels to be attached in line or at right angles.

Step 1

Attach collar to post bottoms

Step 2

Insert frame lugs into collars

Step 3

Pivot the panel into place

Step 4

Attach collar to post tops

Panel Insert Options

Colored, Clear, Frosted, Tinted

  • 1/4” thick PVC board.
  • Available in black, white and a variety of colors.
  • 1 x 1/4” thick clear acrylic.
  • High impact strength, will not shatter if broken.
  • Cool frosted surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other.
  • Logos and text can be cut out from the frosted surface.
  • Semi-transparent tinted acrylic.
  • Can be used alone or screen and digitally printed.

Printed Panels

Our range of panel insert materials can be screen or digitally printed, etched, or even supplied with dimensional text and logos. Almost any form of printing can be accommodated.


Paper posters can be fitted to the frame sandwiched between two sheets of 1/8” clear acrylic or a sheet of clear with a colored backing board. Posters can be changed as often as needed.

Base Options

Portable, Fixed or Removable

For temporary queue systems, the posts are supplied with a 14” diameter cast iron base which allows the system to be quickly broken down and moved. For permanent applications the post is fitted with a 5” flange that allows it to be surface mounted to the floor. Where the layout is permanent but occasional removal of panels is required a socket is set into the floor the post is fitted with an insert which slides into the socket. A cap fits flush with the socket flange for safe closure when the post is removed.

Portable Base

Fixed Base

Removable Base

Post CollarStandard Height PanelExtra Wide Panel
Diameter: 2" / 2.5"Height : 34”Height : 34”
Width : 48” Width : 72”
Weight : 32lbWeight : 41lb
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