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Elegant & Sophisticated Rope Stanchion

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Flat Top Profile Base

Flat Top Dome Base

Crown Top Profile Base

Crown Top Dome Base

Ball Top Profile Base

Ball Top Dome Base

Product Features

Floor Protection

Full Circumference Floor Protector as Standard

Elegance posts feature the best floor protection in its class, the heavy-duty rubber ring provides full contact floor protection around the circumference of the base and will last the life of the barrier.

Forged Rope Loop

Incredible Strength

Many stanchions have sand cast rope loops but the Elegance loops are forged for incredible strength.


Full Range of Sign Frames

Our full range of post top signage can be supplied for any crown or flat top stanchion (signage cannot be fitted to ball top models). To fit sign frames the rope stanchion top is tapped with a thread which the frame screws into.

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Fixed & Removable Bases

Permanent & Temporary

Fixed bases allow barriers to be surface mounted for creating permanent layouts. Removable bases are used with floor sockets where occasional removal of the barriers is required.

Elegance BallElegance CrownElegance Flat
Height : 39"Height : 39"Height : 39"
Weight : 20lb (Profile Base) / 21lb (Dome Base)Weight : 20lb (Profile Base) / 21lb (Dome Base)Weight : 20lb (Profile Base) / 21lb (Dome Base)
Post OD : 2"Post OD : 2"Post OD : 2"
Profile Base OD : 14"Profile Base OD : 14"Profile Base OD : 14"
Dome Base OD : 12.5"Dome Base OD : 12.5"Dome Base OD : 12.5"
Rope Options
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