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Queue Merchandizing:
Increase Sales & Customer Satisfaction.

8 in 10 people shop merchandizing

8 in 10 Shoppers Make Impulse Purchases

Source: Princeton Research Survey

Merchandizing & What It Can Do For You

Queue Merchandising can be an important part of any business, aside from simply increasing sales it helps occupypeople who are waiting. This interaction has the added benefit of making wait times seem shorter to your visitors, while at the same time increasing the chances of them making a purchase. Depending on how you choose to deploy your merchandising system you can also engage your visitors with impactful messages such as product advertising or brand building campaigns. Regardless the size of your business Queue Solutions has a merchandising solutions that will fit your needs, and have a significant impact on your bottom line!
queue merchandizing

Cross Compatible & Easy To Set Up

Our unique panel collars can be attached to most brands of stanchions, making installation onto existing equipment a breeze. Simply snap the collars into place on your posts and slide your merchandizing panels into the convenient grooves. Once all four clamps are in place you can expand your merchandizing setup by simply adding more posts with attached clamps.

slatwall setup

Easily Merchandize Different Types Of Products

Our slatwall style merchandizing panels have a wide variety of addon options available. Designed specifically to easily accommodate any type of product our slatwall addons can give you a nice boost from impulse sales. Explore the possibility by checking out our slatwall accessories under our panels page.

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Easily Scale On Demand!

Your system can grow organically with your needs, if you ever need a longer checkout lane with more panels in it you can simply purchase more hardware and expand your existing setup without much issue. Depending on your needs at the time we offer things like clear panels which can have advertising placed in them to further help drive sales or brand awareness.

2 in 3 Shoppers Make Impulse Purchases In Stores.

Source: Princeton Research Survey

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Slatwall Panel System

Turns Queue Space into Selling Space

A full slat wall merchandizing system designed to fit existing queue barriers. Most stores have some form of checkout where visitors can pay for the goods they have selected, the idea behind queue merchandizing is to entice visitors to buy products they otherwise might have overlooked. Typically people waiting on a line are idle, giving them a product to interact with while they wait can be a great way to increase product engagement and potentially lead to a sale. Aside from physical goods, you can choose to display advertising within our clear panels, making visitors aware of any sales or promotions you may be running at the time.

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increasing customer satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Generally, customers don't like waiting in lines, especially long lines for any extended period of time. The more idle someone mind is the more likely they are to be dissatisfied, and possibly leave. By adding merchandizing to your waiting lines you can keep customers engaged, and although the waiting lines wont actually be shorter, they will sure seem that way to your engaged and occupied shoppers.

Post Top Merchandizing

Simple, Effective, Profitable

A Low cost accessory that turns queuing barriers into merchandizing fixtures. Easy to setup and use, this product fits right on top of your existing belt barriers and creates the most baseline form of merchandizing. Simply fill the bowl with products you wish to sell, ideal for small items these bowls can give a nice boost to the product sales of small items.

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Slatwall Panel
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