Speed Customer Flow

A SpeedQ system starts with a single line queue format. This is the most effective queue layout, if one cashier is delayed by a long transaction the line is still served by the remaining cashiers.

Some of the efficiency of the single line is lost once there are more than 4-5 cashier postions. This is due to delays caused by the customer at the head of the queue not noticing when a cashier is available. Our SpeedQ systems speeds customer flow by using audio and visual messages to alert the customer that a cashier is available and directs them to that location.

System Components

Central Display Unit (CDU)

Positioned at the head of the queue, guides customers to the next available cashier with audio and visual messages. Can also play media.

Positional Display Unit (PDU)

Identifies the cashier position.

Intelligent Call Button

Used by the cashier to alert the system that they are available.


System software and media player. Simple plug and play design.


The CDU can be programmed to play media to inform and entertain customers. The queue is an ideal environment for in store advertising as the audience is waiting making it easier to engage them with promotional messages. The SpeedQ system can present media in three screen formats.

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