Velvet Rope Stanchions

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Velvet Rope Stanchions

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Velvet Rope Stanchions

Velvet rope stanchions can bring an elegant look to any gathering space or event space. For decades velvet has been synonymous with high luxury, being used at red carpet events, weddings, grand openings, and luxury hotels. Velvet rope stanchions are an ideal addition to any location looking to put forward a luxurious high-class appearance.

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Types of Ropes for Stanchions

types of ropes

Queue Solutions offers a wide assortment of ropes for out specialty rope stanchions, we have the right rope to fit your needs. Our velvet ropes are the pinnacle of our rope lineup, we offer them in a wide range of colors such as red, blue, black, green, gold, purple and many more. Visit out rope stanchions page for additional details.

Aside from our velour ropes we also offer Naugahyde ropes which offer the look and feel of leather, perfect for certain venues. Our braided ropes combine the intricated interlacing pattern made of soft luxurious rayon fabric. Finally, our line of tough polypropylene ropes offers a perfect solution to ropes which are needed for outdoor use. With a variety of length and diameter options, we have the perfect solutions for your rope stanchion needs.

Rope Stanchion Tops

velvet ropes stanchion tops

There are several types of stanchion tops available for our rope stanchions. We offer ball, crown, and flat top options for our elegance line of stanchions. The most popular and commonly used option is our crown top stanchion, shown on the right in the image above. This style can be commonly seen in places such as red carpet events, galleries, and luxury hotels.

Rope Stanchion Bases

velvet rope stanchion bases

The final choice a shopper makes is what type of base they are going to need on their stanchions. Options available on our elegance line of products, such as the profile base offer a slim base which reduces trip hazards. Other options like out dome base offer the elegant classical look brought by the arching dome cover and base. Our economy line of products come with our standard sloped base, made of concrete, although it will not last as long or look as good as our premium line of bases, it can be the perfect solution to someone on a budget.

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If you are interested in looking out our full line of products, visit our home page and browse our full range of offers by using our navigation menu.

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