Velvet Rope Stanchions

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Velvet Rope Stanchions

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Velvet Rope Stanchions

Rope stanchions provide the same service as retractable belt barriers, guiding customers where to stand or to bar entry to restricted areas. However, the classic style of the rope stanchion means that customers are often barely aware they are being directed or restricted. The dignified nature of rope stanchions makes them an ideal form of customer guidance in classic environments such as hotels, casinos, churches and theaters.

Rope Stanchion Styles

stanchion styles

There are three classic rope stanchion styles defined by the type of finial (stanchion top) used. The Ball Top gives a distinguished and suits grand events. The Crown Top is the most popular style and is recognizable from red carpet events around the world. Finally, the Flat Top has a more contemporary look and is ideal for giving a touch of traditional style in modern settings.

Each finial style can be matched with one of two base options. The Profile base is gently sloped and is widely used where the stanchions are forming a waiting line. The Dome base is the traditional base for rope stanchions. Smaller in diameter but taller than the Profile base the Dome can be used for waiting lines or to bar access to restricted areas. Combining the Ball Top and Dome Base gives the most prestigious look of all and is an ideal choice for the most sophisticated environments.



Sometimes called hanging or swag ropes, the rope chosen plays an important part in both the practicality of a post and rope installation and in setting the look required. The ideal rope has a thick 1 ½ “ diameter cotton core. Cotton core ropes drape evenly which is a key element to a achieving an elegant look to a line of stanchions. Cotton core is made of densely packed strands or fibers and these provide good anchoring for the screws that hold the rope ends in place. Economy ropes use foam core, this is a lower cost option but does not drape as well as cotton core and is less durable. In particular the rope ends can be pulled out of foam more easily than cotton core should customers lean or pull on the ropes. For this reason, foam ropes should be avoided in high traffic applications or where there are many children in the queue.

Cotton core ropes are available with two types of decorative covering, velvet, commonly called velour and Naugahyde. Velour is the popular choice for stanchion ropes, it provides a luxurious look and feel and is available in the widest range of colors. Naugahyde has the look of leather but the hard wearing and easy cleaning characteristics of vinyl. The choice between the two coverings is just a matter of the look you require although Naugahyde is recommended for limited outdoor use. Although the Naugahyde material is waterproof water can soak the core through the stitching so Naugahyde ropes should not be left out in the rain. However, Naugahyde ropes do have some water resistance and are more suitable than velour for applications such as outdoor entrances and valet parking stands.

An alternative to velour is Braid, this rope is made of twisted fibers of Rayon. Rayon is very soft to touch which gives Braid rope a luxurious feel making it popular in venues such as banks, casinos and churches.

Polypropylene is the only rope material that is both UV resistant and fully waterproof making it suitable for permanent outdoor use. The fibers in this rope are twisted to give strength and a tight weave is needed for a tidy appearance. As the applications for this rope are typically outdoor colors tend to be bold with a natural looking Hemp (also called Manila) popular for more discrete environments.

Rope Ends

rope end styles

Rope ends connect the rope to the stanchion and are the final choice a customer must make when specifying a rope stanchion. There are two basic types of rope end, the snap end (sometimes called a snap hook) and a hook end (or open hook). Snap ends are the most common, they feature a small spring-loaded lever that opens the hook and when released the hook is closed ensuring the rope cannot come detached from the stanchion accidentally. The finish (color) of the rope end is usually the same as the stanchion and they are available in all stanchion finishes. Snap ends are relatively fragile and can break if dropped so it is recommended to upgrade to the brass heavy duty model for high traffic applications or where the ropes are set up and taken down frequently.

Where the ropes are frequently detached such as nightclub entrances an open hook can be easier to use. Because open hooks are designed specifically for heavy use these are made from solid brass and are the most robust type of rope end.

The Queue Solutions Rope Stanchion Range

We offer all finial and base types in two product ranges, Elegance our premium range made of heavy gauge steel and cast iron bases and RopeMaster which gives the sophistication of the traditional rope stanchion at an affordable price. Both stanchion ranges can be customized with specialty metal plating finishes such as Statuary Bronze or Antique Copper and an almost unlimited range of powder coat (paint) colors. We carry all rope types in stock in a multitude of colors and lengths and can custom cut ropes to your specific requirement. Click on the link below to see our full range.

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