Stanchions = Prime Branding Realestate

March 04 2017 0comment

Stanchions = Prime Branding Realestate

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Put yourself in the shoes of a customer waiting in a potentially long line to reach their desired end goal, what would they be looking at? Well, the answer is anything and everything nearby, they will be looking at the stanchions, at the objects or landmarks around them, basically anything. Why not create a distinct attention grabbing custom printed belt which will surround everyone on the line? Think of how effective this space could be to sell a product or raise awareness for an event or your brand, in short, an engaging waiting line can pay off in droves when it comes to a person's decisions making process.

This is where our 3" Xtra belt comes in, its increased print area really lets you get creative with the design while maintaining a rigid and sturdy structure. If your feeling even more adventurous you can go the extra mile and have your posts custom wrapped in your desired design, making your waiting lines that much more memorable to those waiting in them.

If you're looking for an effective way to let everyone see your brand name at your brick and mortar location or your hosted event, then the 3" Xtra wide belt will be the perfect fit for you. Made from our high-quality herringbone weaved belts the 3" Extra belts increases the viewing range of your message or logo by up to 50%. This can mean the difference between someone getting a good look at your brand and or message, or someone completely missing it.

Queue Solutions stanchions have the option of our unique 3" Xtra belt. Our custom size is the perfect balance of functionality and flexibility, allowing you to fully maximize the visibility of your messages.

You may ask yourself, "Self, why would I want a 3" belt over a 2" belt?". The answer is simple yet complex, let us explain. Due to the limitations of modern printing technology the usable printing area on a 2" belt is 1.5", while on the 3" belt it is 2.5", this difference in size translates to a noticeable increase in more visible range for your logo or message, as shown in the diagram below. Increasing your brand's presence within the minds of your customers.

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