Stanchion Storage Carts

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Stanchion Storage Carts

Stanchion Storage Carts – Make Life easy!

Storing and transporting queueing stanchions can be a challenge as they are heavy by design and bulky to store. The nature of queueing means that many users set up and take down queue systems depending on the timing and size of events being managed. This makes having a fast, easy method to move and store large numbers of stanchions key to efficient operations. The solution to this need is to combine the storage and transport function into one piece of equipment. It was with this concept in mind that we developed our range of stanchion storage carts.

Our range of storage carts includes two different storage formats, a range of post capacities and models designed for specific post diameters.

Horizontal Storage Cart

horizontal storage cart

Horizontal carts store the posts horizontally in racks with the racks positioned one above the other. The advantage of this “tall” design is that it has a small footprint allowing a large number of stanchions to be stored in a limited space. However, the 18 and 21 post carts stand almost 7’ tall which means the storage area used needs to have sufficient head room.

Horizontal carts are available with 12, 18 or 21 stanchion capacities. The stanchions are held in place by their tight fit in the rack, this means care must be taken when ordering to ensure you purchase the rack size matching the diameter of your stanchions. Most rope stanchions and a few belt stanchion models have a 2” diameter post, most belt stanchions are 2.5” diameter and the QueuePro 300 model stanchion which features an extra length 16’ belt is 3” diameter. There is a rack size for each of these diameters.

All Horizontal Cart models offer the same features, padded post slots to protect the stanchions from scratching, rubber bumpers to protect walls, a storage tray and locking wheels for stability when loading and unloading.

Vertical Storage Cart

Retractable belt storage cart

On this model the stanchions are stored in a vertical or upright position on a flat deck. The great advantage of this design is that you only have to lift the stanchion a foot off the ground to load it into the cart. With the Horizontal Cart the stanchions have to be lifted over your head to reach the top racks. While the shape of the Vertical Carts gives it a larger footprint than the Horizontal Cart it’s low height means it will fit through standard doorways. The other benefit of this design is that the one model will take any diameter of post which is particularly useful if you have mixed types of stanchion.

Barricade Cart

barricade carts

Our storage cart range is not just for stanchions, we have a cart for barricades as well. Barricades (sometimes called Bike Rack Barricades) are heavy duty steel barriers designed for outdoor use to control crowds at large events. Large venues require large numbers of barricades, so we have designed the Barricade Cart with extending arms that will accommodate up to 30 barricades (although 24 is recommended for easy handling). Weighing in at 235lbs this is a heavy duty cart designed to take the weight of a large number of barricades and provide years of service.

Safe Use of Storage Carts

A fully loaded 21 post cart weighs more than 600lbs so care must be taken when the cart is moving to ensure it is clear of pedestrians and it does not run away on inclines. Always lock the wheels when loading and unloading the cart, this keeps the cart stable prevening accidents caused by the cart moving during the loading process. Never leave the cart unattended without locking the wheels.

When loading the top racks of the Horizontal Cart post most people rest the post head in the rack and slide the post up, this is ok with single belt stanchions, but care must be taken not to use this technique with twin belt stanchions as sliding the post in the rack will damage the lower belt receivers.

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