Stanchion Storage Carts

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Stanchion Storage Carts

Stanchion Storage Carts - Make Life Easy

So, you just recently purchased your favorite queueing posts but realize you don’t have anywhere to store them when not in use or, maybe, you find yourself making multiple trips to move your posts from one area to another, depending on the crowds. Well, don’t fret, Queue has a solution for that!

Take a look at our stanchion storage carts or check out our distributors.

Our stanchion storage carts are a great solution for any storage or transportation problems.

Our standard storage carts come in three different post capacities and, when ordering for a quantity of 18, two different post orientations of horizontal or vertical are offered to fit any need.

Horizontal Stanchion Storage Cart

horizontal storage cart

Our horizontal stanchion cart is available for quantities of 12, 18, or 21 posts.

These high quantity and quality storage carts are great for moving posts from one area to another with quick and ease. What would have previously been considered a two-person job of carrying the posts to and from the desired area can now be done with the work of only one person and in half the time.

The horizontal cart stores posts in a horizontal position on the cart and each model of cart comes standard with a plethora of unique features for storage and convenience such as a storage tray, padded post slots and locking wheels.


Our horizontal carts have a built-in bottom storage tray for items that accompany your stanchions such as ropes or signs. One cart can easily transport all that is needed to move your entire queue from one area to another in a jiff.

This cart is a cut above the rest with the padded post slots that protect the stanchions from scratches and, in addition, keep them secure and prevent the posts from rolling off the cart.

With the locking wheel casters, the cart stays in place when loading, unloading or storing the cart and posts together and prevents injury from occurring.

These carts also offer rubber bumpers to ensure that your walls will remain flawless and intact. All our stanchion carts are made from heavy-duty steel to stand up to even the toughest of conditions and the 12-post storage cart even has the option to be shipped via FedEx or UPS Ground for additional savings.

Still want the option to store 18 posts but would rather a slimmer design?

The 18-post vertical storage cart would be a great fit and has many features of its’ own.

Vertical Stanchion Storage Cart

Retractable belt storage cart

The 18-post vertical storage cart is named as such because the posts are stored in a vertical or upright position.

Storing posts in the upright position allowing for an easier load and offload of the posts thanks to our “low lift” design of this cart.

With this design, you do not need to raise the posts very high at all to be able to load them onto the cart – in fact, just 13” is all it takes to load a post from the floor to the cart.

This lower height is great for time efficiency as well as for those who suffer from lower back problems; this design eliminates the

need for the posts to be raised over your head or waist. This innovative cart also offers a push handle for easy transportation of your stanchions.

The vertical cart is slim enough to fit through standard doors to making transporting your posts one step easier.

If barricades are what you are needing to store, we have a cart for that too!

Barricade Storage Cart

barricade carts

Our barricade storage carts hold up to 30 barricades at a time and are fabricated from a heavy gauge steel to ensure a long-lasting, quality product.

This 30-unit barricade cart is designed for side loading and allows for two people to be able to easily load barricades simultaneously.

This cart also features a push/pull handle for the easiest transportation of barricades on the market.

Whether you need to set up your post and ropes for a grand entrance at noon or break down barricades from a parade, Queue Solutions has you covered with our great line of storage carts.

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