Stanchion Rental isn't cheap!

Stanchion Rental isn't cheap!

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Why do people rent stanchions instead of buying them outright?

Many businesses go the rental route when looking for a crowd control solutions for their business or event. Although it may seem like a great idea to rent a set of retractable belt barriers instead of purchasing them in reality its sort of a bad deal.

Digging deeper into why people turn to stanchion rental over purchasing them we find some common trends.

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Lack of storage space

Poeple typically turn to stanchion rental when they think they don't have enough room to store their stanchions after they are done with them. Many people however do not know that stanchions can come apart very easily and be stored flat to fit in some pretty unexpected places. If you ever plan to use your stanchions again then purchasing stanchions over renting them can save you a large sum of money. If you are thinking of renting stanchions instead of buying them please contact us first and we can save you a lot of frustration and money.


Renting may seem like a great deal however it rarely is a deal at all. The typical rental is worth around as much as a brand new retractable belt barrier. Aside from the price of the rental there is also the consideration that you are getting an off the shelf version of the product. This means that customization and feature options which are available on our products are not open to you. Not all brands are created equal and if you are looking for quality and reliability it's a good idea to stick with products marked only with our brand sticker.

Now that you know why people a drawn to stanchion rental over buying? Let us look at some of the benefits of buying new stanchions!
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New stanchions are new and rentals are not!

It may sound silly but nothing beats new and when your image and reputation are riding on looking good then you can't beat new. Nothing turns guests of visitors off more than rundown or rusty stanchions. Think of it this way, if you need a waiting line then you expect people to stand in them and in turn look at the stanchions. You wouldn't want your visitors looking at rundown posts with tattered sun bleached belts, would you? Of course not you want to look your best at all times.

Simple storage

Most stanchions come in two parts which are the base that keeps it weighed down and prevents tipping and the post which hold the belt and actually makes the line divider. The good news is that these two parts can easily come apart and be stored flat. Storing stanchions flat greatly reduces the footprint and allows for easy storage in places like equipment rooms. Best of all when you do need them again you have them! You can also check out our storage carts for more great storage options.

Shipping Costs

Barricades and stanchions are heavy so why would you want to keep paying to ship them? Most shipping carriers charge based on the weight of whatever you are shipping and this can mean a large bill in the case of stanchions especially if you need a large amount of them. When you rent a set of stanchions you need to pay to ship them to your location and then return them back to where you rented them from. The only time this is not true is if you're picking them up locally and that's a pain to deal with all its own.


In today's day and age any opportunity to build your brand needs to be seized. Think of it this way, people will be waiting in a line or being organized by your crowd control efforts so why not remind them who you are. Nothing stands out more than a custom belt or custom post since its something people are not used to seeing everywhere and is sure to get noticed. You can get really creative with your stanchions and print just about anything on them without issue. Your custom stanchions are sure to make a great impression on your visitors!

Get the right products

Not all belt barriers are created equal with many serving very specific purposes. Some are for outdoor use while others are not and so on. If you choose the wrong type or the renter does not offer the type you need for sale you could find yourself footing the bill for a replacement to the stanchion rental you ruined. When buying a new stanchion you can choose exactly what you need so you can guarantee that it will serve you well. Our Queue Management section lists some of the most common crowd control stanchions and their use cases along with a lot of great info!

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