Stanchion Definition

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Stanchion Definition

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definition of a Stanchion

Stanchion Definition

What is the definition of a Stanchion? and what are their defined use cases?

Have you ever been to a supermarket or retail store? of course you have! then you have no doubt run into a stanchion in one form or another. The very basic definition of a stanchion is a tube that is standing upright, however, stanchions are often used to guide people in line. Retractable belt barriers are a common sight in places like parties, indoor and outdoor events, and any even places like cruise ships and banks. Posts are such a common part of our lives we often ignore them and simply queue up in the line they form while waiting to be serviced.

In fact belt barriers serve many defined purposes beyond simply guiding people. For example they can be used in conjunction with other products to do things like increase sales by adding products to the waiting line or increase a companies brand awareness by being customized with printed belts or custom printed post wraps.

Main Uses

Stanchions are typical posts interconnected together via a belt to form a waiting line, this is the stanchion definition within the scope of the crowd control industry. Although stanchions have many other uses such as fencing for cattle and protection on boats from falling overboard.

Types of industries that use stanchions include Banks, Hotels, Casinos, Airports, Restaurants, Movie Theatres, Power Plants, Museums, Art Galleries, Sports and Stadiums, Warehouses, Factories, Construction, Retail Stores, and many more. Wherever people gather in any numbers you are sure to find some form of crowd control being utilized to maintain order and safety.

Stanchion Crowd Control

Here on the Queue Solutions website you will primarily find products dealing with crowd control in the scope of retail and worksite safety. We offer the largest variety of crowd control products in the industry, no other manufacturer has a wider selection of both options and styles to choose from.

Stanchion Setup and other uses

Many retail locations put a great deal of thought into the setup of their waiting line queues, these systems are often a factor in the overall design of the location where the barriers are placed. The ideally the setup would lend itself to accomplish several goals.

• Speed Customer flow by increasing efficiency and decreasing customer wait times.

• Create a viable sales area so that stores can sell to customers while they wait on line.

• Ensure that the line can be scaled up if needed depending on the defined volume of traffic within the store or location at any given time.

definition of a Stanchion

What sort of barrier do i need?

Depending on your defined use case and needs you may want to go with a certain style of belt barrier. By choosing the right type barrier you can save yourself money, time, and hardship in both setup and usage of your product. Below we have quickly outlines which products you should look at depending on what you want to achieve.

Premium QueuePro Series Barriers

Defined recommended use cases : Suitable for most use cases.

These are the top of the line premium stanchions built to last and stand up to your daily usage needs. With a lightweight low profile base this product helps reduce any trip hazard created by your queue equipment. We recommend this product for permanent locations that often have the need for crowd control and do not require frequent tear down of their waiting lines. Ideal for places like retail stores, banks, casinos, and stadiums these posts are built to last and have a great and be functional and efficient.

Mobile QueuePro Rolling Barriers

Defined recommended use cases : Parking lots, events and venues, busy locations where frequent movement of posts is critical.

Our premium rolling stanchions are ideal for use cases where posts need to be moved on a regular basis. This line of products come with a built-in roller affixed to a sturdy and durable base, allowing for easy movement and setup of the product. Available in a number of belt lengths and color combinations this item has everything needed for fast and efficient deployment and use.

Outdoor Belt Barriers

Defined recommended use cases :Outdoor events, cruise ships, anything taking place near water or under outdoor weather conditions.

Our weatherized line of posts is perfect for harsh conditions which other products cannot handle without breaking down quickly. These posts are coated with our All-Weather Seal technology making them extremely durable under harsh weather and environmental conditions.

Mini Stanchions

Defined recommended use cases :Galleries/Showrooms.

These mini form factor barriers were designed with keeping your valuable objects safe from onlookers at showroom and galleries without obstructing the view of your display. Intentionally made shorter than your average belt barrier to ensure a low fall arc should a tip happen in a showroom, preventing contact with your valuable goods.

Fixed & Removable Posts

Defined recommended use cases : Permanent waiting line locations.

If you know that you will never need to move a queue and want to be able to easily tear it down and put it back up this is the ideal choice for you. In these products the base is replaced with a socket that mounts into the floor allowing you to only need to store and move the lightweight tube section. This setup also virtually removes and trip hazard associated with the base of the stanchion as well as making the posts extremely hard to tip over.

Types of Stanchions

stanchion definition

Standard Belt Stanchion: Typically used at places like airports, grocery stores, concerts, and other events where long lines can be expected. Each stanchion is connected to another by a belt. Certain options such as belt color and custom belt printing are available.

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define stanchion

Rope Stanchion: Commonly used at luxury events or at places like casinos or hotels. These stanchions are connected by a rope which can be made of a variety of materials such as velour or polypropylene.

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Wall Mounted Units: These are not stanchions but serve the same purpose, however, they typically attach to special receiving mounts. These units are ideal for places like warehouses and offices.

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You can learn more about stanchions and their history by visiting this page on Wikipedia. You can also find the official definition here.

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