Stanchion Belts

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Stanchion Belts

Stanchion Belts

Its kind of obvious that the key element of a retracting belt stanchion is the belt. Oddly most stanchion manufacturers pay little attention to this component of their product! Belt lengths have remained the same for years, the industry standard one or two belt configuration has never changed and the same few stock colors and text messages are offered year after year.

Longer is Better

At Queue Solutions we believe the heart of the belt stanchion is the belt and so belts have always a been a focus of our product development. Ever since the belt stanchion was invented in the mid 70s manufacturers have supplied a 7 ½ ‘ belt. Our very first initiative in belt development was to increase the standard belt length to 11’. This is 47% longer than the industry standard and that means, of course, you need fewer stanchions for a given length of queue.

Our next step was to offer extra length belt options. First we launched 16’ belt designed to be the longest practical length for use in high volume queuing environments. This was followed by our 30’ option, the longest available in a standard stanchion. Designed primarily for safety applications where barriers are set up in long straight runs, the 30’ belt drastically reduces the number of stanchions needed saving in purchase cost and set up time.

Multiple Choice

Our next development was to increase the amount of choice in belt colors. We now boast 32 standard solid and striped colors in stock, the largest choice in the industry. Our range safety message belts is also the largest available. We have 25 messages available in stock from standards like CAUTION-DO NOT ENTER and DANGER KEEP OUT to the more specific such as ESD PROTECTED AREA and BEWARE OPEN PIT.

Another unique offering in our belt line up are bilingual belts, we have the most popular safety messages in English/Spanish and English/French versions.

Xtra Wide

Another industry standard dimension is belt width. All stanchion belts are 2” wide which is an appropriate size for a plain belt. But when it comes to printing a logo or safety message on the belt a wider allows make the print larger. There are some wider belts offered but they are rarely seen because the price is exorbitant. We have developed our Xtra 3” wide belt so that pricing is almost the same price as a standard belt. A 3” width allows a logo or safety message to be printed 50% larger than on a standard belt. The impact of large, bold print is striking, and we recommend the Xtra belt for any custom print work.

Why Only Two?

Until recently stanchions could only be purchased with either one or two belts. Twin belt models are designed to restrict customers from ducking under the belt. While they do help reduce “line ducking” the belts are too far apart to stop it completely. Worse, twin belt stanchions are not very good at stopping the free movement of small children! We asked why the industry only provides a maximum of two belts and not finding a satisfactory answer developed our range of triple belt stanchions. The third belt is highly effective at keeping all customers, even the smallest in line.

Having developed the triple belt solution primarily for queuing application we also found there was demand for it in the factory environments as a machine guard. We have even supplied a quad belt stanchion as a custom order for this application.

stanchion belts


Belt options are important in belt stanchions! Having the right choice of colors, length, text and number of belts is vital to creating a fully effective queue or safety barrier. Queue Solutions is constantly developing our belt range to ensure you have the right belt for the job.

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