How to make better use of Safety Signs with stanchions

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How to make better use of Safety Signs with stanchions

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Wet Floor Sign on Stanchions

If you have ever been to the supermarket after a clean-up is needed you have probably seen a “Wet Floor Sign”. Wet Floor Signs are designed to let all who see them know that the surface they are walking upon is wet and therefore, slippery. Wet Floor Signs are imperative for any business or company because they alert employees and customers alike of dangerous conditions.

. Wet Floor Signs may alleviate some legal liability should someone fall on a properly marked floor. These signs can come in a variety of colors and even languages. The most common color for a wet floor sign is yellow because it offers the most visibility.

Yellow signs quickly alert passerby to the dangers that are ahead. Yellow is the best color choice for a wet floor sign but what is the best safety sign design option? Wet floor signs can come in a variety of danger sign designs; below are a list of several.

Stanchions and Cone Units can provide a sturdy and durable alternative to flimsy plastic signs, and at a cost saving to you, not only will you signage last longer and stand out more but also be useful for other purposes like queueing should you choose to use it in that manner.

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Most Wet Floor Signs are A Frames

Wet Floor danger Sign in traffic

Most wet floor signs use the A Frame design. A-Frame signs are named so because of their shape. When viewed from the side the A-Frame sign resembles a capital letter “A”. A-frame signs are usually constructed out of a heavy-duty plastic that ensures years of good use and fold flat for easy storage.

A-Frames are perfect for wet floor purposes because they can stand on their own and do not require any additional posts, hardware or mounting.

They can be assembled in a jiffy and begin alerting people to the treacherous conditions within seconds. Another increasingly popular sign design for the Wet Floor Sign is the pop-up cone.

No Parking Signs, Perfect for busy valet services or parking garages and lots.

no parking sign between stanchions

We can print anything on our belts, but we offer a huge selection of standard belts that can be found at our custom work section on our website.

Cones, Stanchions and the warning sign safety sign

The popup cone is made from durable fabric that will withstand rough handling. Like the A-Frame sign, the pop-up cone is also super easy to set up. To set up the Pop-Up cone simply remove from the sheath and the pop up cone does the rest, “popping” into cone shape. The rubber feet keep this warning sign from moving on wet surfaces and it is also lightweight so that it can easily be transported to another area when needed.

This cone is additionally similar to the A-frame in that it is self-standing and does not require any additional hardware or equipment to use or set up but there is also a hidden benefit in the storage of the cone that has led to its demand. The pop-up cone is becoming a hit with supermarkets due to its storage solutions; once the spill is cleaned or the floor is dry and the warning sign is no longer needed -- simply pick up the cone from the top point and insert into the sheath.

In this plastic housing sheath the sign is protected from dirt, out of the way, but also, easily accessible for the next time it is needed. You can now say goodbye to cluttered janitor closets! The pop-up cone sheath can be hung on store shelves or end caps and allows customers to mark a hazardous area themselves if an employee is not around.

One drawback of the A-frame and pop-up cone signs is that they cannot be used outdoors. This is where some of our products really shine and can help take your efforts to new levels. Our WeatherMaster, WeatherPro, and ConePro series of stanchion products can be used outdoors without issue and can also stand up to some rough conditions both indoors and outdoors.

warning sign

Due to their lightweight design and materials used, the above-mentioned signs are not ideal for outdoor conditions. If needing to use a safety sign outdoors, a great solution is a cone-mounted stanchion sign used with the ConePro series of products. A cone mounted Wet Floor Sign works by attaching the sign to a traffic cone that will not blow away from outside gusts and stand up to harsh weather conditions in general. With reflective options available our ConePro products they can be used in low light conditions.

.The cone is highly visible in low light areas with its’ optional reflective stripe and the sign is affixed to the top and ready to alert the approaching public of the hazards. An added bonus of the cone is that it can also be modified to hold a retractable belt barrier allowing an area to be cordoned off until the spill can be cleaned, this also creates a physical barrier to prevent anyone from stepping into the hazard.

The retractable belts can be linked into another cone mounted belt and close entire aisles or sections if the situation calls for it. The cone mounted sign can be easily transported to different areas or adjusted in an almost infinite amount of ways to create the perfect solution to any perilous condition. For more permanent options, wall signage maybe for you.

Wall Mounted Saftey Signage Through Belt Printing, Slippery When Wet and Wet Floor Sign

wet floor safety signs on wall mounted barrier

Wall signage can be screwed or hung onto a wall and are meant for areas that are more prone to frequent wetness rather than the occasional spill. Although wall signs are not the most ideal because the floor may not always be wet, they do serve a purpose for places where the floor is usually wet, for example, a public swimming pool.

The verbiage on a wall sign is usually altered to make sense for its’ permanent use. Instead of the common CAUTION – WET FLOOR sign that is often seen on removable floor signs, wall signs frequently use the phrase “Slippery When Wet”.

The phrase “Slippery When Wet” is well suited for a permanent wall sign because it alerts the public that although the floor may not be wet now, it is indeed slippery, if and when the floor does become saturated.

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