Custom Stanchions and Branding

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Custom Stanchions and Branding

The best place for your advertising is where people are looking! This is the most fundamental principle of marketing and drives the sales of advertising space in high traffic areas such as cinema lobbies, airport terminals and highway sign boards. However, the one area that has the most traffic in in any venue is often overlooked when it comes to advertising and generating brand awareness, the customer queue.

A typical Queue Solutions stanchion has almost 2 sq ft of belt, multiply this by the numbers of stanchions in the queue corral and you have a yards of advertising space available right where people are standing.

stanchion customized

People standing in the queue are idle and more likely to scan the environment than when they are on the move. The forced waiting period allows customer time to read and absorb advertising messages making queue stanchions an exceptionally powerful advertising medium. Logos or advertising messages printed on the stanchions and belts have more impact than other forms of street furniture or billboard advertising.

Custom Belt Printing

Belt printing used to be limited to the screen printing process which limited the number of colors and the complexity of designs that could be reproduced on stanchion belts. Although screen is still used for straight text or simple one color designs, by far the most commonly used printing process is now dye sublimation.

belt stanchion printing

Dye sublimation, or dye sub, is a digital printing process in which the ink is infused (dyed) into the fibers of the belt. This means the inks will never wear off, a great advantage over screen printing. Being a digital process almost anything can be printed with dye sub, multiple colors, complex designs, even photographs and scannable QR codes.

The dye sub process opens up the opportunity to print truly eye catching designs or bright, bold messages allowing the full impact of queue based advertising and brand promotion to be realized.

Custom Post Wraps

While belt printing has been around almost as long as the stanchion, printing the stanchion itself is new. Custom printing the stanchion and belt together doubles the impact and really gives a “wow factor” to the overall design. The method for stanchion printing is to digitally print the design on self-adhesive vinyl which is then wrapped around the stanchion. Powerful adhesive is used to ensure the wrap will never peel and UV resistance vinyl and inks can be used for outdoor applications.

custom stanchion wrap

Custom Post Top Labels

The label on the post top typically carriers the stanchion manufacturer’s brand but these too can be custom printed. Although small in area the post top label is highly visible to people standing in the queue and is ideal to print brand names and/or QR codes. Providing a QR code to obtain further information is a great addition to any advertising message and having your logo on the label both reinforces the branding and adds a touch of class to the stanchion!


Custom belt and stanchion printing can turn your queue stanchions into advertising billboards. Not only does this allow you to generate added value from the queuing equipment it can make your brand stand out from the crowd!

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